BBC News

So this is where it all began , I did this event to help people gain confidence after going through bullying. On this day I met some incredible children that had been through a lot at such a young age and dealing with teenage anxiety.

I met one girl who had a real passion for make up and have stayed close to her and even invited her on a job I did for Birmingham Hippodrome and she modelled for a bridal shoot for me. After seeing her blossom from these experiences  I knew I could do more to help!

ITV News

After posting on all of our social media we were approached by ITV News who wanted to cover our storey on Central News. 

Things like this are always nerve racking but its great for us to get the coverage so people know we are out there and that we can help kids by holding our workshops for children.

This Morning

We were so lucky to have Phillip Schofield re tweet one of our powerful videos. After months of emailing This Morning, the re tweet got us recognised  and we were invited on.

It was an amazing experience and Phil, Holly and all the crew backstage were so lovely. 

We were picked up in the morning in a stretch hummer so the kids felt like celebrities as we drove around London and then they treated us all to pizza.

I have added the interview underneath but I could not of wished for a nicer experience for myself and the girls in our kids charity.


If you missed our interview , here it is for you to watch. I could not have been prouder of these girls. They were so nervous before going on. Especially Rose who is only 10 years old. I just hope this shows how we like helping young people and the benefit our workshops for children are.

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