This was our very first video, made just 5 weeks into our first workshop for children.  When the workshop first started none of the kids new each other and some were too scared to leave their parents. As you can see in this film they are so happy.


This video was produced on the back of an idea from one of the students. 

We made this video as a team in group. We all sat and everyone said the names they had been called by people at school.

Thanks to Kirsty at Missy P Photography and Ben at Ats Films for helping us produce this and Aimee for coming up with such a lovely idea and being such a fantastic model. This is the video Phillip Schofield retweet, It was now had over 100k views.


This is a hard hitting video every time I watch it I remember the day we filmed it. I can hand on heart tell you I broke down sitting with these girls doing this. 

I couldn’t be anymore committed with my time and efforts as I am to make these kids feel wanted and proud of what they have achieved and to help anxiety in teens.


This video came from one of our girls drawings she struggled with an anxiety disorder in her teens. 

She said she draws when she can’t tell people how she feels. The impact is massive.

I’m so proud of all the girls for taking part and helping our kids charity show the issues that are happening in schools.


Here is our lovely Maddie’s story, such a brave 10 year old. This is what children’s charities are made for and why we hold are workshops for children.


Here is Ruby and Maddie sharing their story and shows them dealing with teenage anxiety.

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